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The Baking Corner – Gluten Free 1 Min. Mug Cake

This is my third year of being gluten free, trust me it is not by choice, because if you know me well I am sure that you have benefited from what used to be my almost weekly cupcake baking. Because of the fact that my body had decided that gluten = yuck, my baking had… Continue reading The Baking Corner – Gluten Free 1 Min. Mug Cake

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Sunday Evening in the Kitchen

A productive Sunday evening in the kitchen! Chickpea Salad Madeleine's Three ingredient banana oatmeal cookies. These are healthy and they taste good. I found the recipe on Pinterest. And since I was in the kitchen taking photos thought I would share the wheatgrass and sprouts that Sheldon is growing. The sprouts are very delicious in… Continue reading Sunday Evening in the Kitchen