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What I Read Last Month | March List

I have to confess that I was in a bit of a book slump last month and binge watching House of Cards at night probably did not help either. So needless to say that goal of six books that I set in last month's post did not happen. However, I did get around to reading the following books.

On Paper:

Transatlantic by Colum McCann

My Literary Pairings book club selection for March. I probably would never have picked this book up on my own but I am so very glad that I read it. McCann's style of writing is fantastic and I love the mix of the characters that are based on real people and those that are imagined. The book spans from the 1800s to more modern times and follows the fictional family that is central to connecting the various real/historic characters over that time together. Next month I will post about the book that we are reading as the pairing to this one.

The Life we Bury by Allen Eskens

This one was recommended to me by my friend Jane. My mom read it while she was here visiting for Christmas and I believe she finished it in one sitting. I finally picked it up as my Mystery genre book for the new year challenge I am doing with the Barrington Library Reads Goodreads group. I did not have the luxury of finishing it all in one sitting but If I could I would have as it grips you from the first few pages. This is Eskens debut novel and I have to say I was very impressed with his writing and storytelling. It is definitely a page turner. Eskens is supposedly working on a follow up novel and I am looking forward to reading it when it is published.

On Kindle:

Batter Up by Robyn Neely

So I mentioned the book slump that I was in, well I thought if I read a light, quick book that it would get me going again. This book was in one of my daily book emails that I get with free or cheap ebooks and got some good reviews on Amazon so I figured what could it hurt. Plus it was about cupcakes and baking and did I mention that it was free…oh yeah I did. I literally read this in a twenty-four hour time span. Started it one night and finished it the next. I think I just needed to read something that I did not even have to think about to get my mojo going again.

Rachel’s Holiday (Walsh Family #2) by Marian Keyes

This is the second book in the Walsh family series. Remember I talked about Watermelon in last month's post. Another deep but funny book by Marian Keyes. The title and the cover are a bit misleading but in a good way. I thought the book was going to be all fluff and humour but it turned out to be a really good look at confronting yourself and all the things you have been in denial about (trying not to give to much away as a spoiler). What I also like about these books is that you actually don't have to read the books in order as even though they mention the other sisters the books can really stand on their own. I will continue to read the other Walsh Family books but probably not every month as I don't want to get burnt out on them.

So that's it for my March reading. Now get off your device and go read a book! (smile)

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