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Sisters Paper Scissors | Pinterest Inspired T-Shirt Tote Bags


This month we go back to our Pinterest boards to make t-shirt tote bags as inspired by this pin from the mommypotamus blog. It is a great way to upcycle old t-shirts.

Sisters Feb-12

Here's my approach for making these.

Tshirt Tote 1

I used pinking shears to cut off the sleeves and the neck. The shape for the neck was achieved with a plate and sewing chalk.

Sisters Feb-3

Cut the bottom of the t-shirt to the depth that you want your bag to be (not shown). On the inspiration tutorial she went the no sew method and made strips and tied the bottom of the bag together. However, I decided to pull out my sewing machine and stitch the bottom of mine. Remember to change the needle on your sewing machine to one that is suitable for stitching knit fabrics. I did a double stitch to ensure that it would be sturdy.

Tshirt Tote 4

This was so quick and easy to make that I was able to make two of them in less than half an hour including setting up my machine. Notice how the second one is smaller and I knotted the handles for a different look.

Sisters Feb-8

I think the smaller ones is just the perfect size for a bulky knitting project and I plan to make a few more. Thinking also that next time if I use plain t-shirts that I will add an iron-on image to jazz it up a bit.

Tshirt Tote 2Now lets go see what Francine did.

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