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Last Minute Baby Shower Card & Gift Bag

Key Chain-1

I woke up this morning with the nagging suspicion that I had forgotten to do something important. Then it hit me that we were having a baby shower for one of my colleagues at work and I had completely spaced on wrapping her gift and making her card. I totally blamed it on the cold weather and I guess the migraine I was nursing yesterday did not help either.  

Key Chain-3

I quickly pulled out some supplies ( see this is why I have a large stash) and threw this card together. Then I went digging in my stash of paper bags and tissue paper that I hoard collect and found the perfect bag for the baby hat that I had knitted her (of course I forgot to photograph the hat). Quickly decorated the bag and voila.

Key Chain-2

As you may have guessed from the colors she is having a baby boy! It's amazing what you can pull together at the last minute when you have all the tools and supplies handy.

What have you whipped up lately?

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