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Sisters Take on Pinterest | Felt Boxes

 We took the month of August off as we were both enjoying the last of the summer weather. But since it is September, just like back to school we are back to our regular routines. This month cute felt boxes.

IMG_464875458You can see the original boxes here from the blog How About Orange.

Supplies that I used:


Regular felt, rotary cutter, template, glue gun, mod podge, foam brush, ruler

The first thing I decided to do was to make a template to scale using the one posted in the how-to on How About Orange


I didn't have stiff felt so decided to try it just using regular felt. My first attempt looked like this. Yeah not going to work.


So then I decided to mod podge the felt and then glue two pieces together to make it stiffer. Sounded really good in theory. IMG_464831418

So with my double felt I used the template to cut the box shape. Then followed the original post to glue it into the shape of a box. And this was the result. IMG_464827926


What I learnt was that this is definitely one of those projects where having the right materials is key! Although the double felt worked I think it was just a bit too thick. Also I should have cut the felt on the inside a bit smaller than the outer piece so that everything lined up when folded. I had to trim excess pieces off after folding.

I really want to get the Easy Felt that Jessica used to make her boxes and try this again especially now that I have the templates it should be a quick project to make. It really is a great idea for storing odds and ends.


Now off you go to see how Francine got on!


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