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Sisters Take On Pinterest | Key Chain Holder


Key Chain-12

The original idea are these leather key chain holders from //Between the Lines// blog. However, I did not have any leather scraps in my stash (probably the one thing I don't have) but I did have burlap and twine so I decided to try it with that.

Supplies that I used

Key Chain-1

Sheet of colored burlap, foam brush, Mod Podge, rotary cutter, twine, template, Crop-a-Dile, eyelets, and key ring.

Use template to cut burlap. I had to print my template at 80% to get the correct dimensions.

Key Chain-2

Apply Mod Podge liberally to both pieces. This stops the ends from fraying and also stiffens it to give it more body and durability. Let dry completely. Trim stray threads if needed.

Key Chain-3 Key Chain-4 










Punch holes and attach eyelets. I dusted off my handy dandy Crop-a-Dile that hasn't seen the light of day in many months.

Key Chain-5 Key Chain-6

Sew pieces together and thread twine through eyelets from the inside to the outside (much easier said than done) so that the twine forms a loop at the bottom of the burlap sack . Attach key ring and key. Knot twine at top.

Key Chain-7
Key Chain-7

And now you have a neat key holder that you can hide the key when it is not needed.

Key Chain-10

Key Chain-11
Now off you go to see what Francine did. A little birdie told me that she used some pretty yellow leather.

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