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Sisters Take on Pinterest | Mini Clay Bowls

Clay Bowls-12

When Francine picked this for our next project I was a bit skeptical but I have to say these were really easy to make. Here is the inspiration for the bowls

I basically used the same materials as the original – quick drying clay, cookie cutter, rolling pin – but since I could only find one round cookie cutter I also used a plastic cup and x-acto knife.

Clay Bowls-1I rolled the clay out on my non-stick mat and cut circles with the cookie cutter and the x-acto knife.

Clay Bowls-2

I used my fingers to shape the rounds into bowl shapes.

Clay Bowls-3

Clay Bowls-6

The big one was a bit floppy and not holding the shape so I placed it in a bowl to dry. I also decided that I preferred the smaller ones and made more of those.

Clay Bowls-4

Leave bowls to dry for time indicated on clay you buy, in my case 24 hours. I do have to admit that I assisted mine in drying faster with the help of my ceiling fans. I forgot to factor in the 24 hour drying time and made these last night and had to finish them in time for this post today. 

Clay Bowls-8

I was still a bit skeptical at this point and thought to myself these are going into a closet never to see the light of day again.

Clay Bowls-9

However, once completely dried (or in my case dry enough) and I decorated the edges with a silver sharpie and Ranger Ink silver Liquid Pearls I was amazed at how much I really liked them. It's all in the finishing. Note that I didn't sand my bowls as I love the little imperfections in the clay but I did paint the insides with white paint as my clay did not dry as white as I would have liked it to.

Clay Bowls-10

I used half of the package of clay and made one large and eight mini bowls. These are the perfect little bowls for little odds and ends around the house.

Clay Bowls-11

Now go check out how Francine made her bowls. Rumor has it that she made her own clay!

2 thoughts on “Sisters Take on Pinterest | Mini Clay Bowls

  1. Hi, Vernell!
    These turned out so cute! I can’t decide if I like your silver or Francine’s gold better. I think you should trade a few with her and have both!


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