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Sisters Take on Pinterest | Fabric Wall Hanging

Well it seems like we skipped right over spring and headed to summer her in the North East. Not that I am complaining after the winter that we had.  Bring on the warm days!

This month Francine picked this pull down style wall hanging from the blog Francios et Moi for our Pinterest project. I was super excited to do this as I have been meaning to replace a framed photo of me that I have hanging over my bed. (nothing more says narcissist Huh?).  Now the wall behind my bed looks like this!

Wall Hanging-12

Original Source

Pin it here

I have to say that when I first looked at the inspiration piece I thought oh easy peasy!  Then I read the blog post in detail and had that "oh crap" moment.  Wait a minute I don't own any power tools!! Or come to think about it really nice wrapping paper either! After a couple days of racking my brain this is what I did.

Supplies I used – two dowels 36inch long that I bought at Michael's,  1 yard of deco fabric from Joann Fabric, glue that works on both fabric and wood, leather cord/twine, Fray Blocker.

Wall Hanging (5 of 6)

I squared of the top and bottom of my fabric and then cut it to 34 inches wide. Try to cut as straight as possible especially if using fabric that does not have an abstract pattern like what I used. I marked 1 inch on each end of both dowels.

Wall Hanging (1 of 6)

I then applied glue to the 34 inches between the marks and attached the top of my fabric to one dowel and let it dry then I attached the bottom to the other dowel following the same procedure.

Wall Hanging (2 of 6)
Wall Hanging (2 of 6)

Wall Hanging (4 of 6)
Tie the twine to the ends of the top dowel, apply Fray Blocker to any raw fabric edges (I only had one as I did not cut the salvage end of one side of my fabric).

Wall Hanging-15

Wall Hanging (6 of 6)

Hang finished piece.  

Wall Hanging-14The nice thing about this method is that if your wall hanging is to long you can shorten it by just rolling the fabric around the top dowel. The added bonus is that I have eliminated the heavy object that could potentially fall on me in my sleep! 

Wall Hanging-7

Before (heavy with glass)
Wall Hanging-11

After (light and fabric)













Not exactly what Erin did but I think you get the same effect. Now off you go to see how Francine tackled this one.

4 thoughts on “Sisters Take on Pinterest | Fabric Wall Hanging

  1. Hi, Vernell!
    That turned out gorgeous! I’ve got nothing above my bed the moment, actually since we moved here about 8 months ago! 😉 I love Francine’s idea to make several and switch them out! ♡


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