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Sisters Take on Pinterest | String Wrapped Glass Jars

Spring is finally here in New England and what better way to celebrate than to bring some colour inside. This month our project is String-Wrapped Vases found on the Warm Hot Chocolate blog and here is my version.

All 3 Finished

Original Source

Pin It Here

This was a very easy project and one that I was able to complete in a couple of hours in one evening.

These are the supplies that I used.

SuppliesI have been saving my peanut butter glass jars and just knew they would come in handy one of these days. The vase has been hiding in a cabinet for the longest time and this was just the inspiration I needed to pull it out and start using it.

Attach StringI adhered the string using a glue stick and left it to dry for a few minutes before I started wrapping it around the jar/vase. I did all three of mine simultaneously so that while the glue was drying on one I was wrapping another. I also found it easier to hold the string in one hand and turn the jar rather than keeping the jar stationary and wrapping the string around it …if that makes any sense whatsoever (smile). And here is the finished product.

Unfilled completed jarsNotice on the blue bud vase that I used a mixture of embroidery floss and bakers twine.

All 3 Finished2Add some pretty yellow tulips and a tea light and you have an easy way to add some colour to your rooms.  Here are some other images.

Tea light

 Tea light2

I plan to use up my other jars to make more tea light holders with different colours of thread

Bud Vase Display

Vase Display

I love the splash of colour that these add to my window and my dining table. Also this would make a wonderful hostess gift for summer BBQs and get togethers that we know are already filling up our calendars. Now I just need to remember to keep refreshing my flowers. 

Now off you go to see what Francine did with her jars and string. I hope that you will come back next month to see what fun thing we tackle next from our Pinterest boards.

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