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Sisters Take on Pinterest | Felt Coaster

Last month's String Photo Frames (mine and Francine's) worked out pretty great.  This month we are trying these awesome Felt Coasters from The Gold  Jellybean blog.



Pin it here

Here's what I came up with.




Felt in different colors

Elmers Glue-All ( you can also use a glue gun or fabric glue)

Scissors (or rotary cutter)

Burlap ribbon (optional)

1.  Cut felt into strips.  I used half inch strips.  Try to cut the strips all the same hight…trust me this is important.  Initially I used my scissors to do this and then changed to a rotary cutter so that I could cut multiple at once.


2. Apply glue to strip.  On my first strip I applied glue along the entire thing but then realized that you only need a spot of glue at both ends of the strip.


3. Roll strip to form the center of the coaster.  Then continue adding strips of felt, alternating colors as you like until coaster reaches desired size.


4. Here is why your strips need to be all the same hight. If they are off just use your scissors to trim the excess off.


5. I was so inspire that I decided to try one with some burlap ribbon that was hidden in my stash. I love how this one came out but to be honest the felt was much easier to do.


6.Finished products:


Now head on over to see what Francine did with her felt.

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