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Sisters Take on Pinterest – My Photo String Frames

Welcome to the latest blogging adventure from Francine and me.  After doing Sister Sketch for three years we decided it was time to try something different for our joint blogging venture. Both of us are addicted to Pinterest and have pinned way more things than we could possibly do in a life few life times so this is a way to at least make a small dent in some projects that we have been meaning to try.

Each month we will pick a crafty project from our Pinterest boards and each attempt to do our version of it.  Then we will report back here on the last Friday of the month to share what we did. Hopefully they will all be successful (smile).

We decided to start easy for January with this photo string frame idea from Talia Christine's Blog.

Orginal idea

Now here's what I did:

Version One


Version Two






Plastic photo frame with glass

Embroidery hoop

Washi Tape

Baker's Twine

Mini Clothes Pegs 




I am also trying to challenge myself to use stuff from my stash of supplies so I was very happy when I came across this frame and then I found the embroidery hoop and had an ah ha moment.


I covered the frame with this awesome text tape and strung black baker's twine across it securing with glue on the back. Some mini clothes pegs to secure the photos and viola! The embroidery loop was even easier to do as the twine was perfectly secured between the two circles of the hoop.


The photos I used were from my trip to France last year – all scenes from Paris. On the photo frame I ended up putting the glass back behind the photos as I did not like how much they were swinging when I tried moving the frame around.  

This project actually took a bit more time that I had initially thought that it would.  Securing the twine in the frame was a bit frustrating as I could not use nails or tacks but over all I am happy with the outcome.  I do want to try it again using a wood frame but I really like the embroidery hoop and will definitely make more with those.

Now head on over to see how Francine did with this one.

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