Pinterest Inspired

Favorite Pins from the Last Couple Weeks

Screenshot 2015-01-28 21.08.03

I have the supplies to make the knitted version of this Brioche Sweater but just may have to do this one instead…or as well

I am loving knitted and crochet hats of late and these are the latest that have caught my eye: Fedora, Baseball Brim, and Stella Slouch

Francine told me about the Capsule Kitchen Challenge and I am thinking about trying it from next month when I do my groceries.

Trying to decide if its cheaper to make this yoga bolster or to just buy one.  I need to step up my yoga practice at home.

I have dedicated two Sundays a month as Sewing Sundays and next on the list or new cushion covers for my living room

Did someone say cake

Guess I will need to do this if I am making all those cakes.

What fun things have you pinned lately!

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