Planning for 2015

The nice thing about being on vacation during the last and first weeks of the year is that I have the time to do some planning.  And by planning I mean make lists, one of my favorite things to do.

I really want to get a lot more blogging, reading, and crafting in this year and if I don't have it mapped out in the first couple weeks of January then I know it will be all down hill from there.

Here's just a snap shot of the lists that I am working on. Some of these I had started last year but then completely forgot about them (hangs head in shame)!


I need to do a more detailed blog plan once I am back state side but I am still trying to find the best (for me) calendar/planner to do that.


I signed up to do the Goodreads Challenge again this year and also added the reading challenge from Modern Mrs. Darcy.


I will be adding to these lists over the next few weeks as other books and projects come to mind but I also don't want to bite off more than I can chew.

How is your 2015 shaping up?


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