Playing with T-Shirt Yarn in France

So as you may or may not know I visited my sister in France in early June.  The great thing about visiting my sister is that we have very similar hobbies – scrapbooking/crafting, crochet & knitting, reading – so I knew that I would have access to stuff for when the creativity bug hit me.

I had seen her blog post about making crochet hot pads and I knew that I wanted to make some.


I had originally planned to bring back some of the T-Shirt yarn with me, however, when I saw the size of the rolls I knew that I would be limited in how much I could stuff into, pack in my suitcase. Bummer! But then I was struck by the idea that I could make the hot pads and then just take yarn for the other projects I had in mind.


While I was there Francine also did a how to for a fun clutch bag for Make & Take (yes that's me modeling for her) and I just knew I had to make one too.

Photo_11I opted for more earthy colors for my clutch.  It was so easy to make.

Photo_7I did manage to make it home with four rolls of the t-shirt yarn and I can't wait to play.

Thanks for stopping by.

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