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Some Birthday Creativity

A good friend asked me to make cupcakes for a Curious George themed birthday party for her son.  I of course immediately went to Pinterest to find some inspiration and also found this free printable. I dusted off my trusty Silhouette machine and got to work on the toppers.


I decided to just make a simple vanilla cupcake with a strawberry filling (using fresh strawberries of course) with white and yellow frosting on top.  I try to avoid using artificial colors whenever possible and especially since these were for kids I really did not want to. Thankfully the google gods led me to lots of posts about what I could use for yellow and I decided to go with powdered turmeric.

And here's the finished product.


I could not assemble them before delivery but Kristen was kind enough to snap a couple photos for me.  She said they were a hugh hit!


One of my friends at work was also about to celebrate her birthday so I made this card for her.

PhotoIt was so much fun to put together. I found this birthday printed transparency that I have had in my stash like forever and used that as my jumping of point.  And guess what? Those circles are actually left over from my Curious George toppers.  I forgot just how much I enjoy making cards and I need to get back into doing them and building up my stash once more.

Thanks for stopping by!


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