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A Doll in 48 hours?

Why yes!  It's amazing just how much you can accomplish in less than 48 hours if you ignore Facebook, Pinterest and other internet time sucks…LOL!!

My friend's daughter's first birthday party was this past Saturday and after much pondering I decided that I wanted to make her this doll.  I knew that I had the day off on Friday and after consulting with my sister she confirmed my belief that I could have it completed in a day.  So Friday found me sitting in my craft room, watching a marathon of Star Trek Next Generation and Law and Order SVU on TV, crochet needles in hand.  By Friday afternoon I had all the pieces for the doll completed.

Then came the task of putting her together, giving her a face, making her hair and making her dress.  All was going well and I had her all assembled with a face by night time.

Lily Doll-1Then I hit a snag with her hair.  Let's just say that if the instructions say use a sewing machine to do something, please do and don't try sewing by hand…again, just saying!  So at 2am I gave up and went to bed figuring I could finish her hair and dress after I came back from the gym and before we headed out to the party that afternoon.  As they say the best laid plans and all that jazz. In any case to make a long story short I got her hair completed but not the dress so I had to bring and IOU to the party.

Lily Doll-3
As soon as I got home I worked on her outfit before I lost the momentum and motivation.  But enough with the suspense!  Here she is completed!

Lily Doll-5I dressed her in a different outfit than the one in the pattern and since I had an extra day before delivery I decided why not whip out another dress for her.  Every girl needs more than one outfit after all. You can find the pattern I used for the doll plus other versions of her here on Sugar'n Cream, search the free patterns for Lily Doll.  Just note that you need to create an account.

Lily Doll-1
I even had time to whip out a card. B'day Sophia-1So now you know just how much you can accomplish in less than 48 hours if you put your mind to it!  And guess what…Facebook, Pinterest, and all the other internet stuff was still there waiting for my return.  Imagine that!!

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