Baby Knitting and Cupcakes

Another Museum baby is on the way so of course we had to celebrate and throw a shower.  And what's a baby shower with out cupcakes and gifts.

Remember the sneak peek from Wednesday?  Here's the full reveal of what I made…baby hat and booties.  Aren't they cute and the yarn is called Girlieflage…squeal!

Baby hat and booties

The cupcakes also had a girlie theme!

Baby Shower Cupcakes-1

They almost did not make it to the shower as my oven decided to stop working.  I had them all mixed up and in the pans and the oven decided to not light.  Luckily a great friend came to the rescue and I was able to trek over to her house (in the rain I may add) and use her oven.That's dedication for you!

Baby Shower Cupcakes-2

Just a simple vanilla cake with a dark chocolate Hershey's Kiss as a sweet surprise in the middle.  The toppers are a mix of homemade marshmallow fondant and molded chocolate.

Here's a photo of our baby shower spread! It was a lot of fun and the parent's to be where very happy and thankful!

Baby Shower Cupcakes-4
Thanks for stopping by!


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