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Work in Progress Wednesdays

I have decided to start a new series about the knitting and crochet projects that I am currently working on, hence forth known as WIP Wednesdays.  I figured if I put it out there and promise to share updates from start to finish that I will keep myself honest and actually finish stuff before casting on something new…a condition known as castonitist!  I also think that this will motivate me to work on them more often and thus finish faster as I won't want to be blogging about the same projects for too many weeks in a row and thus boring you my dear reader.

I currently have three things on my needles that I am actively working on – two knitting projects and one crochet!

One Row Lace Scarf – this is my carry around project as it is small and easy to work on during knitting group at the Museum and my lunch times.  I am making it from this wonderfully silk yarn which is oh so soft to the touch but also oh so slippery to work with.  I have already had to stop once to untangle the ball.

WIPs April-5
Dolman Sleeve Crochet top – I already have one side of this completed and plan to start working on the other side this weekend.  It was surprisingly quick and easy to work up.  I am actually using an acrylic yarn that I got at Michael's but it is super soft and I can't wait to finish it and wear it.

WIPs April-7
Petite Cables Halter top from the summer issue of Love of Knitting magazine – I came across this magazine as I aimlessly browsed in a book store this weekend and it had such cute summer patterns that I just had to buy it.  I knew the cotton yarn that I had recently got would be perfect to make this halter top.

WIPs April-1I am actually making mine with three colors of yarn in large stripes of color.  I am using a different weight yarn to what the pattern calls for so to get the correct gauge I had to go down in needle size.  Started on this last weekend and it is an easy enough pattern to work on
while I watch TV and will alternate working on this and the crochet top.

WIPs April-1

So thanks for stopping by and check in with me next week to see how much progress I have made on these.


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