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Just DO It | One Little Word for 2013

My sister was asking me what my one little word for the year would be and my response was that I was not going to have one this year.  She of course was shocked but I explained that I always pick these words, blog about them at the beginning of the new year and then…nothing!!  So I explained to her that I figured that this year instead of just talking (or in this case writing) about it I would just get stuff done.  Of course as soon as I came to this conclusion a light bulb went off and I discovered that I had indeed found a word for the year.

So this year my word is DO!

It is simple, straight forward and to the point!

It is easy to remember and easy to corporate into my everyday life!

Here are some wonderful quotes that I think go great with this word!


X (3)Source


and of course could not leave out a Nike quote…


My 2013 will be one filled with doing!!!  What about yours?


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