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In Love with Koigu | Swatching

As I posted a couple of weeks ago my new knitting class is all about using Koigu yarn to create a piece that could potentially make it's way to the Vogue Knitting runway in January!  Over the last couple of  weeks we have been tossing around ideas, finalizing designs, and swatching.  Some have even started to create their pieces.

My finished swatch.  This will pretty much be the order but I may tweak a
color or two when doing the actual garment which will be a capelet.

Koigu Swatching-7
Annie and Rhonda discussing her wonderful design and her fabulous swatches.  I love how she mixes all the colors to come up with her own unique fabric.

Koigu Swatching-10
Koigu Swatching-10

Marny's well planned out design and she has already started to work on the various pieces that she will use on the actual garment.  Love the purple haze.

Koigu Swatching-9
Koigu Swatching-9
Sarah is using larger needles for her piece and is trying out different stitches to see which one will work best for the garment she wants to create.

Koigu Swatching-5

Some of the other pieces taking shape in the class.  It is awesome to see just how different each person's idea is even though we are all using similar weight yarn from the same company.

Koigu Swatching-1
Koigu Swatching-1
Koigu Swatching-1
This class is really pushing me beyond my comfort zone but in a good way. I am learning a lot about figuring out how many stitches to cast on, how to calculate when and by how much to increase, and many other things that you just take for granted when you follow a pattern.  I have even bought graph paper to use to sketch my design.  I will never look at patterns the same way again.

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