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In Love with Koigu!

This Monday was like Christmas for me and a small group of knitters who are taking the Knitting Design for the Runway class with Rhonda Fargnoli through RISD's Continuing Education program.

Koigu11Koigu Wool Designs has graciously (and very generously I must add) teamed up with RISD|CE and the wonderful Rhonda and has sent a wonderful selection of yarn for us to work with during the class and that is not even the most exciting part.

Koigu2We each get to work on a design using this awesome yarn and then our finished pieces will be sent to Koigu where one will be selected to appear on the runway for Koigu at the Vogue Knitting Live event in New York…squeal!

Last week we looked for inspiration and thought about what we would make and this week we got to see and touch the yarn (and they may even have been some drool in there), and make our selections, firm up sketch ideas, and some of us even started to swatch.

Here are some more photos.

Opening all the bags!


Look at all that Koigu yarn!


The overwhelming task of deciding what to pick!



Talking about my concept and picking my colors!

Mine, all mine…hahahaha!!!


Rhonda and Sionan discussing concepts and colors!

Let the swatching begin!

I know that this will be an exciting journey and that I will learn a lot in this class that will help me in my future knitting endeavors.  Even if my design does not make it to the run way I feel like if I have already won.

I will be documenting the remaining ten weeks here so I hope that you will stop by from time to time to see what we have been up to!


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