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Triathlon – Cross one of the bucket list!

On Sunday I competed in my very first Triathlon, doing the 5K run for my team.  It was an amazing experience made even more special because of the wonderful ladies from my gym Barbelle who competed along with me.  Most of us did the event as a relay but five amazing women completed as individuals doing all three events and everyone one of us finished.

My game face…and yes that is a barbell!

My amazing teammate Kristy who not only swam a 1/4 mile but then biked 10 miles!

Me with my friends Carrie and Sandra after we finished.

Kerry (owner of Barbelle the the best gym ever!) and the sexy legs team!

My friend Karen all ready for her swim!  Notice all the Barbelle jackets in the background.  We had 45 amazing women from the gym competing.

Our Barbelle banner at our tent!

View of the transition area, ie holding area for the bikes and the area where you transitioned from one event to the next!

Next year I think I want to run and bike.  If you know me then you know about my aversion to the beaches and ponds here so swimming may just not be in the cards for me…at least not yet!!

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