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Hand Painted Yarn | Final Week

Sadly Thursday was the last of my hand dyed yarn classes for the summer.  On the bright side I did leave with six very unique balls of yarn and with the strong possibility that the class would be offered again during the Winter intersession…yay!

Last week4
Remember the skein that I dyed last week Photo4

Here it is after the steaming and drying process.  I think this is my favorite of them all.

Last week3
Last week3
Last week3
I have started swatching them and so far I am liking how they knit up.  I am also thinking of using the one right above with this one below to make a pair of socks.  Heels and toes with one and body of socks with the other.  We'll see how that goes once I actually start knitting it.

Thanks for sharing my six week yarn dyeing journey.  Stay tuned for my next knitting adventure once I decide which classes I am going to take in the fall.  You can see the other posts in my journey here, here, and here.

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