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Hand Dyed Yarn | Last of the Skeins

Two weeks ago I shared the results from my first try at painting yarn as well as a new batch that I did that had still to be steamed.  Here is the result of my second attempt.

Photo2I love the softer colors on these two.

Last week we changed our method and use eye droppers to apply the dye to lace weight yarn and here is what I got after it was steamed and dried. (I forgot to take a photo of the before when it was wet…oops)

Photo2I have to confess that I applied the dye using both the eye dropper (the darker areas) and the foam brush (the lighter areas) and used only one color – Indigo!

Tonight was our last week of dyeing which leaves us with next week to do some swatches. I am excited to see the results of this last one as my plan is to make socks from these last two using one for the heel and toe and the other for the body of the socks…or at least that's what I think I will do!

Photo4Last skein dyed tonight!

Next time I will share the results from the last of the dying and also the swatches that I make.

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