Hand Painted Yarn | Results and More

Remember my hand painted yarn from last week? Well Rhonda took them home and steamed and dried them to set the color.

First Hand Painted Yarns -10Freshly hand painted and still wet

And here are the results…

Week 2 yarn-1Still in skeins

Week 2 yarn-1After winding them.

Are you as surprised as I was when I saw the results.  I love the colors but never would have thought this would be the result.  I know they also look the same but in person you can see the subtle difference in the colors.  The one on the right is slightly more vibrant…at least in my opinion.  I can not wait to knit with them.

This week we painted two more skeins. 

Week 2 yarn-5Wet yarn from week 2

I decided to try a different approach and was very meticulous with my first one (top) using only three colors but layering two of them and applying less dye as we have discovered that less is more in this case.  However, it still looked very similar to last week. So with my second skein (bottom) I completely changed my method and colors as I really want a variety of yarn at the end of this all.  I am sure they will both look nothing like this when I get them back next week after the steaming and drying process but I know I will love whatever happens.

Rhonda also let us wind skeins of some awesome fingering weight yarn that she will treat and bring to the next class for us to hand paint.  I am so excited about this as I can already envision the wonderful pair of socks (or other item) that I will make with this.

Thanks for checking in as the journey continues.  Stay tuned for more…we have three classes left.


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