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Hand Painted Yarn | First Try

I am currently doing a hand painted yarn and knitting class through RISD Continuing Education taught by the very talented Rhonda Fargnoli.  Last night we got to paint our first couple skeins of yarn using organic dyes from Seattle!

First Hand Painted Yarns -2Natural Yarn – the starting point – already boiled and prepped by Rhonda!

First Hand Painted Yarns -2Some of the organic dyes

First Hand Painted Yarns -5Painting in process!

First Hand Painted Yarns -5Loving the colors!

First Hand Painted Yarns -5First finished skein – looks completely different now it is hanging!

First Hand Painted Yarns -5Some of the work from my classmates!

First Hand Painted Yarns -5Two skeins painted and ready to be steamed!

First Hand Painted Yarns -5Sionan's wonderful colors!

The yarns now have to be steamed and then dried to set the colors.  I can't wait to put them on my swift and wind them into balls.  I am sure I will be surprised and amazed at just what we end up with.  And of course can't wait to knit something with what I have created.

Next week we will be painting some more skeins and for the last three weeks of class using what we create to make something.  Stay tuned for more!

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