Baby Shower Fever | Take 6

Here it is my last post in my baby shower fever series.  The favors and decorations that I made for Kristen's shower.  Thanks Kristen for helping me put the favors together.  I don't think I could have filled all those jars myself!

Shower favors, inspired by this idea and this idea

Decorations-1All packed and ready to go!

Kristen's Shower-12Basket for thank you envelopes an idea that I borrowed from Carol and Leah's shower.

Kristen's Shower-12Please leave a message or wish for baby Cronin.  I got this idea from here.

Kristen's Shower-104

Kristen's Shower-12Cupcakes, extra favors and tissue paper pom pom!
Kristen's Shower-12Cupcakes!
Kristen's Shower-12Favors!Kristen's Shower-5Pom Pom!

Kristen's Shower-12Baby Boy Banner (and yes it is the same one I used here)

Kristen's Shower-12Tables with favors and decorations!
Kristen's Shower-12

And this concludes my baby shower fever series.  If you made it this far thank you for sticking with me.  You can find the other posts in my series through these links Take 1, Take 2, Take 3, Take 4 and Take 5.


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