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I just completed a six week book making class at RISD.  One of the perks of the job is being able to take these awesome Continuing Education classes for free or reduced tuition…another reason why I love my job!  So anyway back to my book making class.  It was truly a wonderful experience made doubly so by the fact that I did it with my wonderful boss Suzanne.  We got to bond even more while being creative.

I have dabbled on my own with book making but it was great to see how the professionals do it. I picked up quite a few tips on how to make my books really look finished.  I learned about the importance of grain, not only in the paper but also in book board, how to make cloth paper, suminagashi, and paste papers to name a few things.  I walked away with three completed books, a list of supplies, and a burning need to make more.

Here are my books.

Book 1
This one is made using a sew-to-tape or smythe sewn binding with an uncovered spine and the cover boards are covered with paste paper (I actually did not make this paper but I plan to make some pretty soon).

Book 2
This one is basically the same as the first only fully encased and covered with book cloth that I made.

And finally a Japanese stab binding book.  This was so simple to do and the possibilities with this binding are endless.

With this new knowledge the possibilities for gifts is endless.  It also means that I have no excuse to buy another journal…humm is that good or bad…you decide!


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