Baby Shower Fever | Take 3

After a brief break yesterday to post Sister Sketch I am back to share some more baby shower stuff.  Today is all about cupcakes.

Baby Cupcakes-7
I made a basic vanilla cupcake and for the baby boy ones I did a blueberry marshmallow filling and buttercream frosting.  Oh and I should note here that blueberries make frosting lilac not blue…just saying!

Baby Cupcakes-5
The baby girl cupcakes have a strawberry filling and frosting, and yes strawberries do make things pink! Imagine that!

Baby Cupcakes-6
The cupcake toppers were cut with my Silhouette.  I used a regular cut shape and used the fill tool and line color tool to add color to the shapes and words and then cut them using the print and cut feature.  Attach them to both sides of a lollipop stick and your topper is done.
Baby Cupcakes-2
The cupcakes were a hit and I got the highest compliment from coworkers who thought they were from a bakery and said that they were very professionally done.

Thanks for looking.  Check out take 1 and take 2 to see what else I did.


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