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10 Handmade Things for Kieran

My adorable nephew Kieran's 3rd birthday is this week.  I can't believe it has been three years already.  Where has the time gone.  So sticking with my new tradition of sending him something handmade (see what I made for Christmas here) in addition to something bought I made him a bunch of knitted play food. 

Knitted Play Food-2Bacon and Eggs

Knitted Play Food-2Apple and Pear

Knitted Play Food-2Pumpkin and Strawberries

Knitted Play Food-2Cucumber and Lemon

I only had time to knit nine things before having to mail the box – if only I had a teleportation devise and did not have to rely on the post – but I also made him this awesome (if I may say so myself) birthday card, hence my 10 handmade things for Kieran

K's 3rd B'day-2
Thanks for stopping by.  You can see more 10 Things on the Tenth by going to Shimelle's blog.


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