Pink Cheetah Strawberry Cupcakes…

 …and why you should always follow Vernell's cardinal rule of baking!

It has been a while since I posted about my cupcakes, not because I haven't been baking but because I have not tried anything new the last few times I baked.  However, last week I made these pink cheetah strawberry flavored cupcakes as a special request for one of the students who works for Sheldon.

Cheetah Cupcakes-6

Here's a peek at how these came together.

Cheetah Cupcakes-1

I cut the circles from homemade marshmallow fondant that I tinted with pink gel food coloring, then left them to dry for a couple days before adding the pattern.

Cheetah Cupcakes-2

I found the idea for doing the pattern here.  I diluted some of the pink food coloring with a bit of vodka and painted the shapes with a small paint brush.  Let dry overnight.

Cheetah Cupcakes-3

The next day I added the black with a food safe marker using the cupcake liner as a guide.

Cheetah Cupcakes-4

Make strawberry cupcakes (with a true and tried recipe that you know actually works..see below for that story) and frost with strawberry butter cream.

Cheetah Cupcakes-7

Add the cheetah decorated circles and viola…Pink Cheetah Strawberry Cupcakes.

Now for the why you should always follow Vernell's cardinal rule of baking… NEVER try a new recipe the night before cupcakes are supposed to be delivered.  Chances are that you will end up making two batches of cupcakes.  I decided against my better judgement to try a recipe that I had never made before totally ignoring my tingling spider senses.  Needless to say 10 minutes into the baking I realized that they were not rising. WTF!! 

Cheetah Cupcakes-8

They tasted really good but really, no way could I give these to someone…well maybe my friends at work?!

Cheetah Cupcakes-9

So while my second batch of cupcakes baked I had a light bulb moment for these.  I decided to sandwich two together with some strawberry jam, add some frosting and there you have it Vernell's strawberry jam sandwich cupcakes.  Lets just say that my friends were not complaining.


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