Pinterest Inspired

Pinterest Inspired | Gift Bag

I have been using Pinterest since about last March or April when my internet enabling sister (just kidding sis) pointed it out to me.  I have gone from 14 boards and 486 pins to 26 boards and 1666 pins in less than a year.  This year I have promised myself that not only will I just add things to my Pinterest boards but that I will actually start using some of the ideas that I have been collecting.  So join me over the course of the year as I share some of my Pinterest projects.

Sheldon's birthday was last Thursday and seeing that I was in bed with the cold from Monday evening until Wednesday I totally forgot to look to see if I had a gift bag to put his gift in.  Then I thought, I am sure that I have something pinned on Pinterest that I can use to whip up a quick one.  You can find the inspiration for my gift bag here, and here is what I came up with.

Gift Bag-1

I used one sheet of scrapbook paper and the handles from a brown paper bag that I had and knew I would not need.

Gift Bag-1

It was the perfect size for his gift and I was also able to get his card to fit in there as well.  Just gotta love Pinterest.


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