Disconnect and Reconnect in 2012

Every year for the past few years I have been inspired to pick One Little Word to be my guide through out the year.  After seeing this print for sale on Etsy and rediscovering my love for knitting and reading I knew what my word for this year would be…Reconnect.  Actually I turned it into the phrase disconnect and reconnect.

Disconnect more from the computer, the iphone, the television, all the distractions that are out there.

Reconnect more with my scrapbooking, card making, reading & writing, knitting, listening to music, photography, and in general with my crafty side.


It is amazing just how much more time you have and how much more you can accomplish when you are not constantly checking Facebook, Pinterest, e-mail etc. and then rushing to get other things done.

So stay tuned for a year of more creativity and in general just getting back to the things that I love doing.

So what's your one little word for the 2012?

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