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Top 10 Posts for 2011

As 2011 winds down to a close here are the top 10 most visited posts this year on Ole-Talk:

#10 – Scallop Alfredo Pasta

Scallop Alfredo Pasta (9 of 10)
#9 – Margarita Cupcakes and New Tool

#8 – Ladybug Cupcakes

Water Fire 2011_3139
#7 – My Handmade Book

Handmade book-1
#6 – Sunday Silhouettes (Little Miss Sunshine Card)

#5 – Gerald the Giraffe

Gerald the Giraffe-2
#4 – Adventures in Ducky Cupcakes

Duck Duck Goose!_2144
#3 – Ready for Journal Your Christmas

#2 – Cupcake Decorating Tips by Margie

#1 – Sunrise at Cherry Tree Hill

Interesting mix of posts for 2011.  Seems like cupcakes and how-to/tips are popular!

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