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Gerald the Giraffe

I think that I mentioned that I have rediscovered my love of knitting and that I have found a wonderful group of ladies who are also avid knitters.  We meet twice a week during our lunch and have quite the awesome knitting circle going.  I have gotten over my fear of circular needles and also double pointed needles and in fact knitted this awesome (if I may say so myself) giraffe for my nephew Kieran for Christmas using double pointed needles.  Meet Gerald the Giraffe.

Gerald the Giraffe-2

He was quite the labour of love as I was also not only trying to get him done in time for Christmas but I also had to meet that pesky international shipping deadline.  But thanks to my awesome knitting buddy Marny who helped me with the spots and the pom poms as I was running out of time I made it and he is now on his way to France although I almost kept him for myself…kidding!

Gerald the Giraffe-2

I can't wait for Kieran to open him for Christmas…well that is if it actually gets there in the time that they said that it will.  Fingers and toes crossed.

4 thoughts on “Gerald the Giraffe

  1. Just popped over from your sister’s site and oh my goodness so glad I stopped in because this is just too cute! What a lucky little boy to have such a talented and lovign aunt! Happy Holidays!


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