Knitting & Yarn

My First Knitted Socks

I have knitted and crocheted on and off since I was a kid but I usually stuck to basic stuff like scarves and afghans, etc…you know things that are worked flat and usually with some sort of yarn that I got at a craft store.  However, after I started to work at RISD I met my friend Marney who is an awesome knitter and who has turned me onto the wonderful world of sock knitting, knitting in the round using circular needles, and yarn stores that sell the most fabulous yarn…you know the kind of yarn that you just want to roll around in because it is just so soft.  Anyway I digress…so with her excellent tutelage I attempted my first pair of toe up socks using the magic loop method.  And here there are…

Socks-3I am so proud of myself.  Not only did I conquer my fear of what I used to refer to as those weird circular looking needles but I have also discovered a world of knitting and yarn that I did know existed.  In addition I have found a wonderful circle of knitters at RISD.

Socks-1So what do you think?  Did I do a good job for my first socks?  It's all thanks to Marney!



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