Fall Planning

I know it is still August but I have already started to think about the things that I want to make this fall.  Of course now that I have discovered knitting socks that will be high up on my list.  I am also thinking that since I have gotten over my fear of using circular needles that I may try my hand at making some winter hats and of course scarves are always easy to whip up.  I have also been tossing around the idea of restarting my Caribbean Recipe blog but with a broader scope so that it is not just recipes from my childhood but also how I incorporate the Caribbean style into anything that I cook.  And of course there are all the projects on Pinterest that I want to tackle.  I think I need to start making a list and gathering supplies so that when the mood hits I have everything on hand and can just get to work.  After all as much as it pains me to think about it, the days are starting to get shorter and soon I will be in hibernation mode which always seems to make me want to be hunker down and craft more.

So have you started to make plans for you fall crafting as yet?

One thought on “Fall Planning

  1. With the summer we’ve just had you’d think it was Autumn, or Fall all the time, so oh yes I’m with you and already thinking of warm & cozy things to make


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