Hostess Inspired Cupcakes

When I saw these on Pinterest I just knew I had to make them.

Hostess Cupcakes-2

The funny story is that I just automatically took eggs and butter out to bring to room temperature and after I had the cupcakes in the oven I realized that my eggs and butter were still on the counter.  I had a WTF moment and then realized that these are vegan cupcakes LOL!!  I did use a small amount of butter for the filling and the frosting but you can substitute the butter (and the milk) with non dairy products.

Hostess Cupcakes-1

I brought some into work today and Sheldon took some to his office as well and they were a huge hit at both places.  So I guess you really don't need eggs and dairy to make an awesome cupcake.

You can find the recipe I based mine on here and it yielded me 36 cupcakes.

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