Sunday Silhouettes – Decorated T-Shirts

This week I continued with the decorated T-Shirt theme.  I tried the printable iron on heat transfer paper…the one for dark fabrics.

Here is the first one that I tried.

After I had the pattern on I decided to add some bling and learnt the hard way to be really careful with a hot iron and iron on material (LOL).


Here's how I did the main flower shape.  Note the butterflies were cut separately.

T-shirt how to
Since I was in the zone and also did not want to waste a whole sheet of the transfer material just on the butterflies I also made this t-shirt with a design I have wanted to use forever.  Isn't she cute!

I also found a source for cheaper Rhinestones than those that Silhouette sells (sorry Silhouette) and they also have multicolored packs which is awesome, and did this bling t-shirt which I absolutely love.

Next week I will be tackling Fabric Interfacing!

6 thoughts on “Sunday Silhouettes – Decorated T-Shirts

  1. What transfer paper did you use and did you have to cut out the design before you ironed it?
    I used to use a clear iron on paper that would only transfer the image printed on it and nothing else but I can’t remember the brand!!!! Grrrrr…


  2. Heather, I used the transfer paper that Silhouette sells and used the print and cut feature on my Silhouette machine, so yes the design was cut out before I ironed it on. I am pretty sure you use other transfer papers with the Silhouette machine but I have not tired that as yet. Hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by!


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