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Crafting with Hemp

The crafting bug hit me today but not for scrapbooking or card making.  I was inspired to try out a few of the craft and do-it-yourself ideas that I have been pinning on my Pinterest boards.

Bracelet This bracelet is from a tutorial that can be found here and you can also buy the kits to make them from her blog.  I did get one of the bracelet kits (makes two bracelets and I got light blue and brown) but realized that with my small wrists and arms that they would easily slip off.  So off I went to Michael's to see if I could find a smaller sized bracelet and I also picked up some bamboo cord as I liked the colors it came in more than the hemp.  Here is the smaller bracelet started in green and I will also make a navy blue one.  I decided not to add the jewels to these. 

Bracelet2 And since I was at Michael's I got some really thick hemp cord (180lb weight) to make this mat which was inspired by these coasters  from my Pinterest board.

Hemp Mat I used the square of cork that I have been using as a top on a basket that I turned into a table that sits next to my lounging and TV watching chair in my scrap room.  I love how finished it looks now.  Think I may tackle the round cork pot rests that we have in the kitchen next.

I have a few more projects that I will be working on over the next week or two and of course I will share the results as I complete them.

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