Adventures in Ducky Cupcakes

Well I did it.  I ventured into the land of themed cupcakes and tried my hand at these duck cupcakes.

Duck Duck Goose!_2144

Considering it was my first try at these I am quite happy with the results and they were quite a hit at the birthday party I brought them too.  I must say that I much prefer the ones with the dukcs diving than the full ducks…plus the diving ducks were much easier to make.

Duck Duck Goose!_2142

I think the biggest lesson that I learned from doing this is that if you think it will only take you an hour or two…add on at least 2 more hours to that estimate…just saying (smile).
Duck Duck Goose!_2146 Now what should I tackle next!!!

All photos courtesy of Sheldon.

8 thoughts on “Adventures in Ducky Cupcakes

  1. They are so cuuuuuuuuuute! I love the diving ones best too! I already told Kieran that once you master themed cupcakes you will be making his party cupcakes. tee hee


  2. I love them! I must say you picked some more difficult ones to do on your first try but they turned out fantastically. Do you now own one of the Hello, Cupcake books? Those duckies look familiar. Well done.


  3. Thanks Margie! Yes I do own the Hello Cupcake book lol!!! I figured I may as well go big or go home…luckily it all worked out…just took much longer than I thought it would lol!!


  4. Vernell – as the recipient of the first-try themed cupcakes I thought they were awesome!!! They WERE a big hit and everyone loved them! (And I liked the diving ones the best too!)
    They were great and were the best addition to Kallan’s DUCK theme! ❀


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