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BBQ and Micro Brews

The weather was perfect for Saturday and we had a fun time with friends.  Here are some photos from the day!

BBQ-1 Back yard view from upstairs

BBQ-1 Remember my sneak peek…here is what they were for

BBQ-1 Sheldon getting the music going…and Simba helping

BBQ-1 Another few views of the backyard

BBQ-1 Of course Simba was front and center

BBQ-1 Fruit infused juice and water..ideas from Pinterest

BBQ-1 We decided to move the tables into the sunroom

BBQ-1 Friends enjoing themselves and tasting Sheldon's beer

BBQ-1 Remember this

BBQ-1 The grill master at work

BBQ-1 Beautiful sunflowers – thanks Donna

BBQ-1 Mr. Photographer

BBQ-1 A nice fire to end the night

BBQ-1 Now you see what the jars where for – another idea I got from Pinterest

5 thoughts on “BBQ and Micro Brews

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