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Mission Accomplished!

I am so happy…I have finally finished my living room..well at least for now.  It only took me three years…lol!!!  The final piece that was missing were two side tables for my lamps. 

Living room completed-1(Ignore the cat beds…I forgot to move them before taking the photo but then again I guess this is a true representation on my living room)

When we moved in we had this great idea to refinish two tables that we brought with us to match the new living room colors.  We got all the supplies we needed and then everything just sat in my basement for the past three years. 

Living room completed-2

Once I realized that was not going to happen I started to look for tables that would coordinate with the existing coffee table but that also turned out to be a frustrating exercise.  Then my brilliant husband (he does have his moments oh and all the art work on the wall was done by him) said why don't you just buy a full set for the living room area and move the existing coffee table to the TV area.  Now why didn't that occur to me. 

Living room completed-3

So that's what I did and now my lamps have a home and my living room looks complete (although a sofa table may look really good behind the couch). I still need to add some more photos and I want to make something for the shelves that are on the side tables but all in all mission accomplished. 

Living room completed-4
I love it when a plan comes together.

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