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Sunday Silhouettes

For this week's Silhouette I am playing with vinyl again using it both as an embellishment to decorate and as a stencil.

Altering with Vinyl-1 Here I used the vinyl to decorate this tin.  Notice the green vinyl…I found this awesome multi pack on and I love it.  Now I can get a lot of colors in small amounts…sorry Silhouette store (not really).

   Altering with Vinyl-2Altering with Vinyl-2 
















I then used the vinyl as a stencil on these mason jars.  I saw found this idea on Pinterest (see it's not just an online time waster) and just knew it would be perfect to add some lighting to my backyard.

Altering with Vinyl-7 Here is a before and after shot.  I used the vinyl stars as a stencil and then applied glass frosting spray to the jars.

Altering with Vinyl-5 Altering with Vinyl-5








It was a bit windy outside so these were done quickly but I think for the rest of the jars I will and another layer or two of the frosting spray.

Both projects are also a sneak peek to a blog post that will be coming up sometime early next week where I will share photos of how I used these projects so stay tuned.

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