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Keeping Up with Google Reader

Or should I say not keeping up as seems to be the case for me.  Really how did this happen…it is back to 1000+ unread and I thought I was doing so good LOL!  Guess it may be soon time to mark all as read and try once again to go through a few every day before they multiply.

Screen shot 2011-06-07 at 9.40.36 PM
How do you keep up (if you do) with your Google Reader?

6 thoughts on “Keeping Up with Google Reader

  1. I’ve taken Shimelle’s advice: When I get backed up, just delete and start fresh. I do add a general apology to the cosmos before hitting delete. I am sorry to be missing so much great content, but I’m only human and can only do what I can do. When they invent the 36 hour day, I’ll have enough time for everything – including sleep!


  2. have you tired using the “next” button? It’s a bookmarklet so you can read recent updates online, every time you click it, it goes to the next blog with a recent update. I tried it out a few days ago, and it might be the way I get to keep up!


  3. Its definitely impossible to keep up when you have done one of Shimelle’s classes and have lots of blogs in your list. I’m trying to go through them all and find the ones that really gel with me and sadly delete the rest, no point in visiting a blog that doesn’t have something for you personally.


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