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Style Statement

Spring Training began yesterday over at Ella Publishing and the first exercise was to define your style and create a style statement.  Here is what I found out about my style.

My Style Door Hanger

I have to say though that I think my style is forever changing as it was hard for me to find a lot of elements that repeated themselves on multiple layouts.  It seemed that every two or three layouts I did something completely different.  I think my style depends on the mood that I am in.

So how about you?  Do you have a specific style when you scrap?

7 thoughts on “Style Statement

  1. No, I don’t I just go with what the photo is like or the paper or the challenge. I didn’t used to like that because I wanted my scrapbooks to ‘match’ but now I love it! Jen x


  2. Thanks for visiting my sewing blog. Generally I don’t think I have a style – but then my friends say they can spot my quilts a mile off!! I think it’s because I tend to be ‘bright’ rather than subtle and sophisticated πŸ™‚ And I hardly ever buy blue fabric.


  3. No I don’t think I have a style either – my only consistancy is I very rarely do 12×12 – I mostly work at 8×8. Depends on the photo/s with me.


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