Margarita Cupcakes and New Tool

These cupcakes are perfect for a sunny spring day…yes we finally got some sun here in Massachusetts.  The cupcakes have a nice zesty flavor to them and the frosting is the prefect mix of lime and tequila.

Margarita Cupcakes Close up

Margarita Cupcakes Close up2 So an interesting tidbit to know, French cupcake liners are smaller than the American ones or at least the ones that my sister gave me are, thus I ended up with a bit of extra batter and made a few mini cupcakes as well.

I used the cupcake recipe found here and if you know me well then you know that of course I had to tweak it a bit as I can never seem to follow a recipe directly.  I did not use the frosting recipe posted with the cupcake and used my butter frosting recipe instead and added lime juice and tequila to it.  A dash of lemon extract that I bought when I was last in Barbados just to enhance the flavor some more and you have the perfect frosting for these cupcakes.  To garnish I used a mix of lime zest and white and green cake decoration sugar.


image from

And can I just tell you how much having the right tools makes the job so much easier.  I love my new lemon zester – much easier than trying to use a regular grater.  Why did I wait this long to get one.





Image from Williams-Sonoma site.

16 thoughts on “Margarita Cupcakes and New Tool

  1. your frosting is so pretty – I never get mine to work like that.
    I have one of those zesters too and I agree they are fabulous


  2. I think I ended up with some of those french cupcake liners as well. Here in China you never know which country things are imported from so you just have to guess what they’ll look like or how big they are – sometimes I get lucky, other times, not so much!


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