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Greening My Grocery List

I am always trying to find ways to live a more green life style so when the thought popped into my head about making my grocery list using some of the chalkboard paper that Francine brought for me from France I could not wait to Chalkboard List (1 of 1)
try it out.  Then I remembered that I had these mini clipboards in my stash from eons ago (see you should never throw anything away lol) and I knew I I had the perfect solution.

Now I don't have to replace the paper pad on my fridge that I have been using.  I can just jot the stuff that I need on here as I remember it and then if I do Peapod just transfer it to my online order and if I physically go to the supermarket I can just transfer the list to one of the many list apps that I have on my iPhone.  I love it when a plan comes together.  And note that the hand with the pointing finger was cut using my Silhouette.  Have I mentioned just how much I love that machine.

Oh, by the way…who can tell me where the list on my chalkboard comes from.  Hint…"Come and play everything's a-okay"…

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