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Last night I was craving nachos but nothing on the menus of the restaurants close by appealed to me.  I mean doesn't anyone just make basic nachos any more.  So after looking through my pantry and fridge to see what I had I came up with this.

Nachos I call them Vernell's impromptu nachos – potato chips with cheddar and mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes and red onion.  Stick in the over until the cheese is all melted then enjoy with pineapple salsa by Paul Newman…yummy!!!

And for dessert- Guinness cupcakes with a chocolate whisky ganache and Bailey's Irish Cream frosting.  You can find the recipe I used here.  Of course I had to tweak the frosting and add my standard marshmallow fluff.

And since I am talking about food…I started today with some Whole Wheat Gingerbread pancakes.  Unfortunately I was too hungry to think about taking a photo but you can find the recipe here.

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