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Spring Why are You so Late?

I took a look back at what my blog posts for around this date in April last year were and on April 5 I blogged about the walk around Battleship Cove taking photos that Sheldon and I did and on April 7 there was an explosion of flowers on my Weeping Willow plant.  Obviously spring is late this year because it is definitely not warm enough to take a photo walk at Battleship Cove and my Weeping Willow is only now looking like it has some buds on it but definitely no flowers.

So my question is…spring why are you so late?  Where is the warmth?  Where are all the flowers?  Hopefully this will change soon and I will awake one morning to an explosion of flowers on all my trees as well as much warmer days.

Has spring come to your neck of the woods as yet?

4 thoughts on “Spring Why are You so Late?

  1. Nope, spring is not here, yet 😦 We still have some snow in our backyard and everything looks dead. I notices this is a repeated theme in many blogs today – spring is definitely late!


  2. Oh how I can relate! I live in TN and my heat is still coming on at night. In the SOUTH. Ugh. But the good news is, the sun is shining for the third day in a row, so that makes me happy. Hope spring finds you soon! πŸ™‚


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